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About Daniel

Daniel graduated from Baker Highschool in Mobile, Alabama in 1990. He went on to the United States Airforce and received an Honorable discharge in 1994. After his time in the USAF, he achieved a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in education from the University of South Alabama. While teaching in the public school system, Daniel received the call from the Lord to the full time ministry. In 2003 he began his journey in full time ministry as an Evangelist. Daniel and his wife, Shellie, moved to Tampa, Florida in 2008 to attend the River University under Pastors Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne. He graduated from River University in 2011 with his Bachelor’s in Theology. In 2021, he received his Doctorate in Theology from Kingdom Life University. He now serves America traveling as a full time Evangelist.

Daniel developed a passion for the outdoors at an early age. He enjoyed hunting and fishing in the woods, creeks, rivers, and lakes of south Alabama. He was introduced to tournament bass fishing by his brother in law, Edgar Miller, who he still looks up to as one of the best fisherman he knows today. Daniel is an accomplished hunting and fishing guide as well as an avid bass tournament competitor. In 2023, Daniel begins his professional bass fishing career with TNPFL.

About Team419Outdoors

Over 20 years ago, the Lord gave Daniel a vision to use hunting and fishing as an avenue to reach people with the gospel. He saw the day he would be Sponsored by Christian businessmen and women as well as other ministries to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to America. In January 2020, the Holy Spirit called Daniel to launch Team419Outdoors in the Professional Fishing World. Team419Outdoors has a simple mission statement found in Matthew 4:19 where Jesus said, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Since launching Team419Outdoors in 2020, Daniel and his team have organized outreaches, crusades, revivals, and community events throughout America where more than 65,000 people have called on Jesus Christ. Contact Daniel by clicking here to join the vision of Team419Outdoors or to book your next community outreach event, crusade, revival, or as a guest speaker.

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